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Wizerunek Rafała Trzaskowskiego

Ladies and gentlemen,

Every year around the International Museum Day on 18th May, a specific spectacle takes place in numerous cities in Poland and throughout Europe, initiated modestly by museums exactly. In the beginning, it aimed to promote those institutions, alter the ambiance associated with museums as places where one walks around wearing house slippers and talks in a quiet voice. The Long Night of Museums has shown just how extraordinarily interesting collections owned by these institutions can be, and how originally they may be presented.

Others started to envy the success – not in terms of the turnout, but creativity and the ability to get across to the public with the seemingly difficult message behind the high culture. Due to being active in fields not associated with culture, state administration, courts, temples of various faiths, schools, services, and many, many more, wanted their share in this success. They used their chance superbly.

This is the Long Night of Museums cultivated by Warsaw for over a decade now. A modest event with participation of 11 museums evolved into an enormous, logistically developed happening encompassing Warsaw and its surroundings. Every institution participating in the project wants to present itself in an original, unique way. They encourage viewers-guests to come by preparing special exhibitions and presentations, on show for this one night only. They open their doors, despite remaining diligently guarded on a daily basis They think up programmes for children. And the experience is a really big thing for the youngest ones as well, because oftentimes they stay in the city with their parents until midnight.

This year’s, 16th, Long Night of Museums in Warsaw is looking very attractive. On Saturday, 18th May, 260 institutions will invite visitors. Long Night of Museums’ regulars need no special encouragement to participate in this extraordinary event. I hope that, as always, the audience – inhabitants of Warsaw and tourists alike – will also show up enthusiastically, and that emotions stirred by experienced attractions will stay in their memory for a long time to come.

Rafał Trzaskowski
Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw


General information

The biggest and at the same time most recognisable cultural event in the capital city has enjoyed enormous popularity since 2004. Institutions participating in the event are related with, i.a., art, culture, and history. As organisers, they guarantee an interesting and rich entertainment programme, and show their corridors which often remain closed on a daily basis.

The city's main role is to support all promotional activities related with the Long Night of Museums, including the preparation and printing of the guidebook, organising koszt transport, preparing and hosting an information point.

The Long Night of Museums is a pan-European event, but in Poland – unlike other European countries – it is not exclusively culture-related institutions that partake. Nonetheless, museums are the ones attracting the greatest numbers of visitors, waiting in the longest lines for their turn to enter. Popularisation of art collections is an ambitious and important task. There is lightness to the Long Night of Museums – due to its specific character, it is veiled in a certain extraordinary and inimitable atmosphere. We invite everybody to enjoy nighttime strolls and interesting discoveries. On this night, art belongs to us!

Visit our point in Defilad sq.!

There is a night in May when it is not possible to get a wink of sleep! We are talking about the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw, of course. Regulars don’t need any special encouragement to participate in this extraordinary event.

This year’s, 16th, edition is looking really good. There are more than 260 cultural institutions waiting for all participants. Traditionally, we will travel between them with the use of museum lines, free of charge. This year, there will be 10 of them cruising through the city! Do you want to “catch” a poster and take a commemorative photo, relax in our zone, and have a drink of delicious lemonade? Pop by the information point in Defilad Sq., where special attractions will be awaiting you. Look for a gleaming “NOC MUZEÓW” sign.

Many unforgettable experiences lie ahead of us. We will make sure that nobody gets bored on this night

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