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Wizerunek Rafała Trzaskowskiego

Dear all,

After a year’s hiatus caused by the pandemic, we are back, on 15th of May, with a celebration of culture – the Long Night of Museums. It will be already the 17th edition of the Night. This year, its course will be slightly different, adjusted to the conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are organising this year’s Long Night of Museums, first and foremost, with safety in mind, in full compliance with the effective sanitary requirements. At the same time, however, we have planned it in a way, which assures that the safety protocols do not influence the appeal of our offer. Let me add that this year, as many as 180 institutions will participate in the event – 17 of them for the first time ever!

We are offering three types of activities. The traditional formula – that is, sightseeing – will be available to the extent permitted by the sanitary restrictions in effect on the day of the event. At the time of this writing, the government allows museum activity in compliance with the rules of the sanitary regimen.

However, with the extraordinary situation in mind, this year we are also introducing a totally new mode, namely a walk with culture: events and exhibitions in the open air. Such happenings have been organised by as much as 80 institutions, which have planned for their activities to take place outdoors, outside their seats. Varsovians will be able to enjoy this form of interacting with art and culture in a safe way, while having a walk. We have prepared a map outlining two ideas for stroll routes incorporating the most interesting places in the centre of the city.

Finally, the third category: almost 100 online events planned for 15th of May. Maybe, this evening, some of you will choose a virtual visit to one of Warsaw’s museums over watching another episode of a series via a streaming service. I assure you that it is worthwhile!

We remembered to organise the traditional parade of historic buses and trams. After the parade, the historic vehicles will be available for viewing – buses at Defilad Sq., trams at Narutowicza Sq. Tours of the exhibits will take place in accordance with the effective sanitary regimen.

Let us have a good time during the Long Night of Museums, but let us do so while exercising caution and respecting the sanitary rules in effect.

The health and safety of us all is a paramount priority.

I look forward to seeing you!

Rafał Trzaskowski
Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw


General information

The biggest and best-known cultural celebration in the capital city has been enormously popular since 2004. Institutions participating in the event are related, among others, with art, culture, and history. As event organisers, they provide interesting and rich entertainment and present their hallways, which often remain closed on a daily basis.

The Long Night of Museums is a Pan-European event. However, in Poland – unlike in other European countries – the participating institutions are not limited to those related with culture. That said, museums are, indeed, the most popular among visitors. The popularisation of art collections is an ambitious and important task. The Long Night of Museums – due to its specifics – takes place in a particular and unique atmosphere. We invite everybody to participate. On this night, art belongs to us!

New mode

There is a night in May when you cannot possibly sleep a wink! We are talking, of course, about the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw. This year’s – 17th – edition returns after a year’s hiatus in a new, interesting, and safe mode!

This year, for the first time in the history of the Long Night of Museums, Varsovians will be able not only to visit cultural institutions but also to participate in online events, as well as outdoor activities. There will be 180 cultural institutions waiting for all guests, with a diversified programme which may be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home, while having a walk or visiting a museum. There will be a free bus line marked “M” (for “Museum”) available for those participating in the event, and many other public transport lines will be operating longer this evening so that everybody can get back home safely.

While walking around the city, you may take a look, e.g., at a decorative installation and an exhibition of historic buses in Defilad Sq. We encourage you also to download maps for a walk with culture and to check out other events taking place in the open air.

A multitude of unforgettable emotions awaits us. We will make sure that no one is bored on this night, and you take care of keeping yourselves and other people safe by observing government guidelines!