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‘The Alphabet of Romanesque Architecture’ - exhibition at the ...

published: 2010-04-29 23:08:22, Culture Department
‘The Alphabet of Romanesque Architecture’ - exhibition at the State Archaeological Museum
Sundays - 10:00 - 16:00, closed on Fridays
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne - ul. Długa 52 (Arsenał) (mapa)
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne
free admission
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne

The exposition plainly explains the most important architectural concepts and terms connected with the early Mediaeval stone building. It bases on the examples of stone structures, from the 10th up to the mid-13th century, discovered on Polish lands. The replica of the Gniezno Doors, presenting life and martyrdom of Saint Wojciech, together with the reproduction of Płock Door from the 12th century, are the highlights of the exhibition.

The State Archaeological Museum presents the history and culture of the inhabitants of the Polish lands, from the Stone Age to the times of the first Polish rulers.