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Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Warsaw at MIPIM 2016

published: 14 mar 2016 - 09:09,

Central district of Warsaw - Śródmieście offering premium locations for business, Praga with preserved structure of a pre-war city. Investment attractiveness of these and other parts of the Warsaw will be exposed by the City during the most prestigious real estate fairs in Europe - MIPIM in Cannes which starts on March the 15th.

The City of Warsaw regularly participates in MIPIM international investment fairs, presenting itself as a leader in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. The project "Grow with Warsaw", i.e. develop and expand with Warsaw, is universal and shows a trend which is maintained by the capital and is planned for subsequent years. It covers public sector achievements, among others, such as excellent use of EU funds, development of infrastructure, revitalization and private sector success, namely developers and entities involved in the investment process in the capital.

The City of Warsaw is identified as a city friendly for investors and inhabitants. It is possible, among others, thanks to ecological investments as expansion of "Czajka" sewage treatment plant, low-emission public transport and revitalization of green areas. Thanks to them the City of Warsaw is an official candidate for the title of "Green Capital of Europe" in 2018.

Since 2014, the City of Warsaw has also been described as the city of design, innovative ideas as well as creative and involved inhabitants, thanks to promotion of special gadgets designed and manufactured in the City of Warsaw.

Offer of the City of Warsaw

This year's offer for MIPIM fairs contains 11 real estate, including 3 in Śródmieście, 2 in Praga-Południe, one in Mokotów, Praga-Północ and Wola. Three of the presented plots can be found in external districts of the city – 2 in Bielany and 1 in Wilanów:


  • 5 Jaracza Street (864m²)
  • 5 Mariańska Street (971 m2)
  • 29 and 31 Emilii Plater Street (11 163 m2)


  • 6 Przy Agorze Street (2366m²)
  • 89 Broniewskiego Street (3553m²)


  •  Bukowińska Street (1634 m2)


  •  Radzymińska Street (6758 m2)


  •  Cukrownicza Street (2336 m²)
  •  Stanisława Augusta Street (22535 m2)


  • Al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia (4179 m2)


  •  Rosochata Róg Latoszki Street (5235m²)



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