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Districts of Warsaw - Page 2

Targówek is a district located on the right bank of the Vistula River. Due to well-planned spatial development and wise investments, Targówek is a place for good and comfortable living. Developers take advantage of these features and arebuilding modern housing estates. website

Ursus  is one of the capital’s smallest districts with an area of 9.4 km², yet its population density of 5,333 persons/ km² puts it above the Warsaw average (3,219 persons/ km²). 50,133 people live in the district and Ursus is constantly evolving. Increasingly new inhabitants form part of the district’s landscape. Currently, people below 40 years of age represent more than half of the Ursus population. The dynamic changes and the rapidly emerging modern housing estates make Ursus one of the fastest-growing districts. website

Ursynów is situated almost entirely on the Warsaw Plain, 20-30 m above the level of the Vistula River. Its 44.6 km² stretch over the southern part of the capital and takes 8.6% of its total area. The population of Ursynów in 2009 was estimated at 145,000. The population and residential opportunities are constantly growing. Only a small number of inhabitants decide to move out of the district, while many who change homes usually do so within the district. website

Wawer is one of Warsaw’s most beautiful and under-appreciated regions. website

Wesoła is the youngest and dynamically growing district, situated in the western part of Warsaw. It is 18 km from the city centre and has a good transport network with the other districts. website

Wilanów is located in the southern part of Warsaw, between the west bank of the Vistula River and the Vistula Escarpment (Skarpa Wiślana). It is one of the most attractive districts of Warsaw. The southern border of Wilanów marks the border of the capital city. website

Wola has become one of Warsaw’s strongest growing districts, earning the reputation as the new business, commerce and services centre. Developers and investors have gained an appreciation for the district’s attributes (vicinity to the city centre, ever-present greenery, well designed transport system, etc.), thanks to which Wola has become attractive for new investments.

Włochy is situated on the south-west side of Warsaw and borders with six other districts. It has an area of 28.63 km² and about 39,000 inhabitants. website

Żoliborz has always been a delightful area. It owes its name to the beauty of that part of the Vistula escarpment. The view that spreads from there evoked a spontaneous cry of delight in French: “Joli bord” (Beautiful bank), and so it has stayed that way in the Polonised version -Żoliborz. website