Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa

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published: 27 oct 2009 - 11:18, Grzegorz Wolff
City of Warsaw, author: Paweł Przeciszewski fot. City of Warsaw, author: Paweł Przeciszewski

Some details about the administration of the City of Warsaw.

The Mayor of the City of Warsaw holds executive power. The Mayor is elected in general, equal and direct elections held by secret ballot. The Mayor is responsible for the city’s administration, administers the annual budget and the city’s capital works and property, managers the city’s day-to-day affairs and represents the city.

In addition, the Mayor executes tasks determined by the Warsaw City Council, which is a legislative and decision-making body. The City Council sets local by-laws, passes budgets and audits their implementation, passes local spatial development plans, names streets and public squares, and decides about the erection of new monuments. Warsaw City Council also awards the title of the Honorary Citizen of The City.

Warsaw is divided into eighteen units –  districts of the Capital City of Warsaw. Each district is represented by a Mayor, who holds executive power and the District Council is the decision-making body.

City Hall Community Office

Community Office appropriate to the place of your residence is ready to assist you with the following procedures:  temporary or permanent registration (zameldowanie) or cancellation of such registration (wymeldowanie), car registration, self-employment registration, exchange of driver’s license issued outside of Republic of Poland, building permit etc.

Please check this website to find a Community Office of Warsaw.