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Winners of the 2019 Super Day Nursery Competition

published: 2019-10-30 09:09, mlan
Winners of the 2019 Super Day Nursery Competition fot. Winners of the 2019 Super Day Nursery Competition

The quality of services provided by Warsaw day nurseries is improving year-on-year. And the parents who cast their votes in the 14th edition of the Day Nursery Competition are appreciative of it.

“The further development of day nurseries is a priority of our term of office. This was one of the most significant election promises of Mayor Trzaskowski; it is also one of my main tasks in terms of City governance,” said Paweł Rabiej, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, during the Super Day Nursery Competition award ceremony on 22 October 2019. “This year is a time when we have reached a completely new level of providing as many families as possible with free day nursery care. It is also a year in which we will significantly, i.e. by 75%, increase the number of places in Warsaw day nurseries. At the beginning of the year, 7800 places were available in Warsaw day nurseries. Nearing the end of the year, the number of places will surpass 13 thousand,” emphasised the Deputy Mayor.

The participants in the competition included 65 public day nurseries and 12 small day nurseries, 30 non-public day nurseries, and 38 day-care facilities, including 11 non-public units. The winner was chosen by the parents - more than 5.6 thousand cast their vote. Mothers and fathers made a comprehensive evaluation of day nurseries, starting from the quality of care and activities for toddlers, openness to cooperation with parents, through the wholesomeness and taste of meals, to the furnishing of facilities. Parents' feedback helps to improve the quality of services provided by those institutions.

Growing number of day nurseries
Increasing the number of places in Warsaw day nurseries is a priority for Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw.  Twofold activities are being carried out - new day nurseries are under construction and the City is also paying for places in non-public facilities.  Starting from 1 September 2019, children have attended public day nurseries free of charge; the same was true for the non-public counterparts in which the City paid for places.

At present in Warsaw there are 67 public day nurseries, 12 small public day nurseries, 12 non-public day nurseries co-funded by the City and 27 public day-care facilities.
In total there are over 11 thousand places available.