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Preparations ahead of the NATO Summit in Warsaw

published: 2016-06-10 08:57, mlan
Preparations ahead of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. Fot.PZ Studio fot. Preparations ahead of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. Fot.PZ Studio

In a month’s time, on 8 and 9 July, Warsaw will host the NATO Summit. It’s a major event for Warsaw and its residents, involving new traffic and public transport arrangements, as well as parking bans in Warsaw’s central districts.

The NATO Summit on 8-9 July 2016 will put the Polish capital in the international spotlight. Warsaw is the host of this unique political meeting, and Warsaw City Hall will deal with the traffic arrangements and flag decorations. More than 3,000 flags of Poland, Warsaw and NATO will decorate the city’s streets.

“Warsaw must be well-prepared to host an event of such magnitude. While the official organiser of the NATO Summit is obviously the Government, Warsaw has been assigned with a wide range of responsibilities to make sure that the city functions properly during the Summit. We have adopted a two-pronged approach to our preparations – on the one hand, we will make sure that resident and visitor traffic in the city runs smoothly. On the other, we’ll do everything we can to make sure all the residents know about the new traffic and transport arrangements,” said Jarosław Jóźwiak, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

“The organisation of the NATO Summit is a major effort and a big challenge for both uniformed and other municipal services. All the services cooperate and share information with each other on a daily basis; in fact, we’re in constant touch,” said Ewa Gawor, head of the Security and Crisis-Management Department at Warsaw City Hall.

To host the NATO Summit, Warsaw will have to rearrange public transport routes and close many streets. There will be parking bans on some of the streets, forcing the residents to look for other places to park. Due to the specific requirements of this event featuring many Heads of States, all information provided now is provisional and individual arrangements might change. During the Summit itself, State Services might decide to close off other streets, too.

Varsovians’ safety

One of the most important aspects of the current preparations and the NATO Summit is to make sure that visitors