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published: 2017-03-24 14:32, mlan
to use the information from residents this autumn. A lot depends on the location. If the planting requires a substantial number of arrangements to be made, we will probably have to wait till spring. None of the residents’ applications will be left unconsidered,” she asserts.

The plantings will be performed in line with the adopted Standards of Greenery Design in Warsaw, constituting an appendix to the adopted “The 2017-2020 Environmental Protection Programme for the City of Warsaw with a Perspective to 2023”.

The Warsaw Greenery Authority is responsible for the plantings.

The development of the “Milion drzew” mobile app is the outcome of the third edition of the BIHAPI competition addressed to software developers. The mobile app entitled “Ekologiczna Warszawa” (Ecological Warsaw) received a special prize awarded by the City of Warsaw. Using the City's open database, the authors have developed an app which provides an opportunity to learn about Warsaw's green areas. “Milion drzew” is the extension of the young developers’ idea.

A Million Trees for Warsaw
The first spring plantings were carried out over the weekend, on 18th and 19th March. Nearly 300 several-year-old trees were planted in 30 streets in the city, while over 2000 young willow saplings were planted near the Vistula River. Trees were also planted in a forest on Lucerny St. Over one thousand young trees were added there. Two thousand more will be planted by the end of the month. All the trees planted in the Warsaw area become part of our city’s lungs and bring us closer to reaching the goal of one million trees in Warsaw.

It will not be possible without the involvement of Warsaw residents. Not only can they indicate places for city plantings, they can also plant trees themselves on their own property. We are expecting that the residents, entrepreneurs, institutions, associations, and housing-estate authorities will join in the activities. We are planning to launch a special participatory programme soon, the assumptions of which will presented shortly.

Warsaw greenery
Greenery is one of Warsaw's greatest assets. All the green areas, together with forests, account for approx. 40% of the city's area. They include parks and gardens, housing-estate greenery, street and cemetery greenery, open areas, forests and other areas. There are 27 municipal forest complexes, 85 parks and dozens of lawn areas in the capital city. The areas provide the residents with the possibility of spending their free time there, to relax, and take part in entertainment and educational events. The greenery system includes unique habitats, i.e. Vistula River areas which are part of the “Natura 2000” network of protected areas and nature reserves, where several projects aimed at protecting selected species and biodiversity are currently implemented.