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Additional PLN 14 million for nursery schools in Warsaw

published: 2018-02-26 12:57, mlan
Additional PLN 14 million for nursery schools in Warsaw fot. Additional PLN 14 million for nursery schools in Warsaw

The City of Warsaw again acquired additional funds for the construction and operation of new nursery schools. This time, the financing amounts to PLN 14 million in "Maluch+" Programme funds.

"We are doing everything we can to increase the number of the youngest Warsaw residents in nursery schools. Over the last 11 years, we have built 37 nursery schools for nearly 3.8 thousand children, we are financing children's stay at non-public institutions and employ daycarers. We have acquired EU funds and Ministry funds. Since 2011, we have received PLN 59 million from the ‘Maluch’ Programme," said Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

Our staff again acquired funds from the "Maluch +" Ministry programme for the development of care institutions for children under 3. This time, it is nearly PLN 14 million, including 12.1 million for creating 780 places in new nursery schools, which are being built in Wilanów, Mokotów, Bielany, Bemowo and Wawer districts. Each of the nursery schools will admit 150 children.

The funding will also cover the expansion of the facility in Targówek (30 places will be added). We also obtained over PLN 1.83 million for the operation of the existing nursery schools. This includes co-financing of 940 places in nursery schools which were created in recent years, and of places at daycarers’.
The City also acquired PLN 19 million in co-financing from EU funds for projects implemented in the city’s nursery schools.
We are planning to allocate PLN 120 million from the city budget for nursery schools' operations, places at non-public nursery schools and daycarers’ services.

The number of places in nursery schools is increasing
The number of places for the youngest Warsaw residents is steadily rising. This is due to the construction and upgrade of nursery schools, financing places in non-public institutions and employing daycarers. In 2006, there were 3,156 places available in Warsaw's nursery schools. The number of places in 61 nursery schools and 11 mini nursery schools is currently 6,931, not to mentions the financing of places in 13 non-public nursery schools (316 places) and at daycarers' (135 places). A nursery school in Gocław has been available to 150 children since the beginning of February. This is the 37th nursery school built since 2006.
Nursery schools are currently under construction in other districts of Warsaw - Bemowo, Bielany, Mokotów, Targówek, Ursynów, Wola, Ursus, Wawer and Wesoła. The facilities are due to be opened in 2018 and 2019. The investments will add approx. 1300 places in nursery schools.