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European Parliament Hearing:
"Cultural Heritage, research and sustainable development"

Brussels, 6 February 2006

Cultural heritage research, the core topic of this hearing organised at the initiative of Prof. Dr Cristina Gutiérrez-Cortines MEP, will be part of the "Environmental Technologies" section of the Cooperation programme elaborated under the 7th Framework Programme for Research (2007-2013).

The hearing was an occasion for the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), to which EUROCITIES contributes, to present its work and vision for a common strategic agenda on cultural heritage research. The setting-up up of technology platforms was encouraged by the European Commission in order to establish innovative partnerships between different types of stakeholders, both from the private and public sector. Within the ECTP, two Focus Groups are particularly interesting for EUROCITIES activities: the Focus Area "Cities and Buildings", and the Focus Area "Cultural Heritage".

Julie Hervé, EUROCITIES Policy Officer - Culture, j.herve@eurocities.be

EUROCITIES Culture Forum meeting

Riga, Estonia, 9-12 March 2006

The next meeting of EUROCITIES Culture Forum, chaired by the city of Barcelona, will focus on topics linked to the "Agenda 21 for Culture", a document which commits local authorities to respecting human rights and promoting cultural diversity, sustainability, participatory democracy as well as better intercultural understanding. The meeting will also touch upon the social impact of cultural policies (education and young people, cultural diversity, social inclusion, etc.).

Successful experiences of European cities dealing with different approaches of cultural policies will be presented during specific panel sessions and special attention will be given to Cultural Festivals in European Cities.

The four working groups of EUROCITIES Culture Forum (Agenda 21 for Culture, Education and Culture, Culture and Young People, Culture and Mobility) will hold meetings in Riga and technical visits are also scheduled.

Julie Hervé, EUROCITIES Policy Officer - Culture, j.herve@eurocities.be

International Symposium: "The impact of arts and cultural education"

Paris, France, January 2007

This symposium, organised by the French National Institute for Pedagogic Research (INRP), will highlight the positive impact of arts and cultural education on the cognitive development and academic achievement of children.

The first stage in the preparation process of the symposium will involve identifying studies and research work which focus on evaluating the impact of arts and cultural education on children and young people. Aiming to take stock both of completed research and of research still in progress, the organisers have launched a call for papers. It was recommended to submit proposals before 15 January 2006 but proposals for papers will be accepted until 31 March 2006.

INRP"s website: http://www.inrp.fr/internet_en/symposium-europeen-en.php

Anna Lindh Euro Mediterranean foundation Calls for proposals

The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures is seeking proposals for activities and initiatives that support intercultural dialogue in the 35 Euro-Mediterranean countries. The three deadlines for submission of proposals in 2006 are March 1st, June 1st and 1 November 1st.

For more information: http://www.euromedalex.org/En/Proposals.htm