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Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

Ladies and gentlemen,

Just like every year – in May, the Long Night of Museums takes place in Warsaw. To say that I am looking forward to another edition and more wonderful emotions – would not be enough. It would not be enough, because this year is exceptional for us, and for two reasons.
First of all, it is the 15th anniversary of the Long Night of Museums. Some of you surely remember its beginnings. It was modest, with mere 11 institutions partaking. And then, many young Varsovians have grown up together with the Long Night of Museums, which has kept developing year by year, attracting an ever-growing group of sightseeing enthusiasts. Who would have believed that some day we would enjoy a turnout of 300 thousand visitors, and more than 240 venues joining in? Over the course of as little as 15 years, this vision has become reality – together with Varsovians, we made the Long Night of Museums become a great celebration of culture.
The other extraordinary reason to be proud and celebrate is this year's 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. Many of the previous Nights of Museums commemorated figures important for the history of our country. It was so, i.a., in 2010 – the Year of Fryderyk Chopin, in 2011 – the Year of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, and in 2012 – the Year of Bolesław Prus and Janusz Korczak. Who will be the hero of the 15th edition? All Poles who nowadays, thanks to their predecessors' merits, are free, and their motherland – independent.
However, the 2018 Long Night of Museums will not only be a chance to reminisce, but also to discover more extraordinary places, objects, and stories. It will be possible thanks to our first-timers, of whom there are as many as 24 this year.
Warsaw, the capital of freedom and city of culture, invites you to the 15th Long Night of Museums, on 19th May. I am delighted to join in this invitation, and I wish you unforgettable experiences.

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz
President of the Capital City of Warsaw

Odnośnik do wydarzenia Zostań Dawcą Szpiku w Noc Muzeów



General information

The biggest and at the same time most recognisable cultural event in the capital city has enjoyed enormous popularity since 2004. Institutions participating in the event are related with, i.a., art, culture, and history. As organisers, they guarantee an interesting and rich entertainment programme, and show their corridors which often remain closed on a daily basis.

The city's main role is to support all promotional activities related with the Long Night of Museums, including the preparation and printing of the guidebook, organising free transport, preparing and hosting an information point.

The Long Night of Museums is a pan-European event, but in Poland – unlike other European countries – it is not exclusively culture-related institutions that partake. Nonetheless, museums are the ones attracting the greatest numbers of visitors, waiting in the longest lines for their turn to enter. Popularisation of art collections is an ambitious and important task. There is lightness to the Long Night of Museums – due to its specific character, it is veiled in a certain extraordinary and inimitable atmosphere. We invite everybody to enjoy nighttime strolls and interesting discoveries. On this night, art belongs to us!

Attractions of the 15th edition!

The Long Night of Museums in Warsaw is celebrating its 15th birthday. Our best wishes and hopes that the Night keeps blossoming – like it has so far – for many more years to come! On our part, we have decided to prepare something special to celebrate this anniversary.

In order to make your wait nicer, we have prepared three competitions. Given that the Night usually involves an element of mystery, we too are not able to unveil all details at the moment.

Let us count down together...
3 – entrance passes to the Viewing Terrace at the Palace of Culture and Science (it is the 30th floor!)
2 – gifts for 15-year-olds
1 – sets of goodies for people who decide to follow the trail of luminescent letters spelling out the words NOC MUZEÓW (“Night of Museums”).