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‘The Prehistory of the Polish Lands’ - exhibition at the State ...

published: 2010-04-29 22:59:33, Culture Department
‘The Prehistory of the Polish Lands’ - exhibition at the State Archaeological Museum
Sundays - 10:00 - 16:00, closed on Fridays
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne - ul. Długa 52 (Arsenał) (mapa)
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne
free admission
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne

The exhibition shows the prehistory of the Polish lands from the Palaeolithic period to the early stage of Bolesław Krzywousty's reign. Numerous monuments, reconstructions, models and illustrations clearly present the process of change, which took place in various areas of human life in consecutive epochs. Therefore, the exposition is intended for small children, primary- and secondary-school pupils, as well as for adults. The most interesting exhibits include unique 6,500-year-old grave equipment, treasures from the Bronze Age with an effective coronet and very precisely produced silver ornaments from the Roman period and early Mediaeval times.

The State Archaeological Museum presents the history and culture of the inhabitants of the Polish lands, from the Stone Age to the times of the first Polish rulers.