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Jan Dziędzior exhibition (1926-1987) - at the Lufcik Gallery, Dom Artysty ...

published: 2017-12-16 09:17:42, Culture Department
Jan Dziędzior exhibition (1926-1987) - at the Lufcik Gallery, Dom Artysty Plastyka
Dom Artysty Plastyka - ul. Mazowiecka 11a (mapa)
Dom Artysty Plastyka
free admission
Dom Artysty Plastyka
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The exhibition of painting and drawing of Jan Dziędziora (1926-1987), organized thirty years after his death, is an opportunity to remember an outstanding painter and an extraordinary man.
In the history of Polish contemporary art, Jan Dziędziora has his place as one of the arsenalists - he was the co-originator of the National Exhibition of Young Visual Arts Against the War, Against Fascism (1955) and one of its main organizers. The artist's works can only be seen today at the permanent exhibition Krg Arsenału in the Museum in Gorzów Wielkopolski, most of his legacy is in private collections. During his life, he chosen to hide his works; in his studio paintings stood facing the wall, so students from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts never saw his works. He had only two individual exhibitions during his life, both at the headquarters of ZPAP in Mazowiecka: in 1966 and in 1975, when he received the Jan Cybis Award. His entire work could be seen only at the monographic exhibition in Zachęta in 1994.
An artist virtually absent from the official circulation and the art market, he was an artistic authority and a model of civic attitudes in the circle of independent culture of the 1970s and 1980s. He supported Nowa, the underground publishing house, and was connected with the KOR community. During the martial law, he became involved in the underground activity. He took part in the independent exhibition movement, in 1982, his painting Zbity received the Solidarity award.
The most important theme in paintings of Dziedziora is the motif of the character Zbity, creating a series of self-portraits, and also a symbolic representation of the Passion. Referring to photos from the December 1970 events in Gdansk, Zbity has also become a political image. The exhibition presents paintings and drawings from this series in comparison with the little-known landscapes of Dziedziora. Landscapes were drawn and painted during the open-air painting in the village of Wilga, in Rostki by Bug, in Cimochowizna on Lake Wigry, show the talent of color and painting, the invention of Dziedziora. Both thematic cycles were created at the same time during the last ten years of the painter's life. They complement each other, forming a kind of self-portrait of the artist at the end of life.

Curators of the exhibition:
Katarzyna Kasprzak Stamm
Joanna Stasiak

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog released thanks to the help of private persons and the Stefan Gierowski foundation. In addition to the critical text and biography of Dziedziora it contains fragments of conversations with artist's wife Maryna Tyszkiewicz and his friends, painters: Jacek Sempoliński, Jacek Sienicki, Przemysław Brykalski and Łukasz Korolkiewicz, as well as reproductions of exhibited works and photographic portraits of the painter and his studio by Jacek Gładykowski.

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