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Exhibition: Mysteries of Childhood. Jerzy Ficowski - in the Stara Prochownia

published: 2017-12-17 17:33:58, Culture Department
Stara Prochownia - ul. Boleść 2 (mapa)
Stara Prochownia
free admission
Stara Prochownia

The authors of the exhibition, Bożena Szroeder and Wiesław Szumiński, invite you to a journey into the land of Jerzy Ficowski's childhood, always associated with Warsaw: old photographs, fragments of diaries written with a child's hand, notes of a 14-year-old entomologist, a unique film from the 1930 family chronicle, fairytale stories and stories about the secrets of a little boy. Following those footsteps, we immerse in the world of the poet, who devoted an important part of his work to children. The jurney is accompanied by books of poems for children illustrated, among others by Tadeusz Makowski, Olga Siemaszko and Wiesław Szumiński, stories heard in the Augustów forests, film animations for Ficowski's works, including those created by children from Sejny as part of the Borderland Fables Collection. The exhibition is complemented by the story of a circle of friendship between poets Papusza, Ficowski and Julian Tuwim, based around the Gypsy fairy-tale world.

In this journey, there is a place to recall the beloved books of childhood, to write down our own memories, which will take us out of the "balance of adults" and make us aware that childhood is not a closed chapter of our life, but still alive part of us.