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Exhibition of paintings by Jan Szczepkowski "Nieruchoma kurtyna" ...

published: 2017-09-23 09:55:10, Culture Department
Exhibition of paintings by Jan Szczepkowski "Nieruchoma kurtyna" "The Stationary Curtain" - in Pragaleria
w soboty: 12-16
Pragaleria - Stalowa 3 (mapa)
free admission
picture from kulturalna dot warszawa dot pl

"The Stationary Curtain" is the title of Jan Szczepkowski's latest series of monumental paintings. It is an extraordinary collection, because it announces the transfer of the artist's interest into new areas of life and art. Jan Szczepkowski has already accustomed the viewer to his role as a romantic creator, bringing to life on canvas, the original worlds, filled with erotism and full of piled up objects and hidden meanings. The artist's recent paintings are filled with hermetic symbolism and numerous references to history, tradition, philosophy and art history. The new thing appearing in the paintings is unseen before self-themed. The ubiquitous presence of eroticism, is now revealed only in marginalia and in didaskalia.

In his latest series, Jan Szczepkowski discusses the place, role and mission of the artist in the modern world. Philosophers, Pianists, Thought Aristocrats, Poets and Astronomers - representatives of contemporary Artes Liberales, rushing on headless horses, and the purpose of their journey remains a mystery. Thinkers with stoic temperament, geniuses creating a new reality with the work of their minds and hands - remain helpless as they carry their history. Fate is blind. Like us all, they play their roles in the Theater of the World and never will know the whole scenario. The scene and the audience, the real world and the created world will forever remain separated by densely draped, invitingly cracked "Stationary Curtain".

The exhibition of paintings by Jan Szczepkowski "Stationary Curtain" is curated by the 2 wymiary Foundation. During subsequent exhibitions, the Foundation presents works of artists combining in their work, the attachment to a perfect traditional painting technique and the desire to evoke and convey emotions through the image. This time the exhibition will be shown in the interiors of Pragaleria, Warsaw's contemporary art gallery, the co-organizer of the event.

Source: 2 Wymiary Foundation and Pragaleria