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Pravdoliub Ivanov. Exhibition: Przeoczone zjawiska na wysokości wzroku ...

published: 2017-09-22 09:54:02, Culture Department
Pravdoliub Ivanov. Exhibition: Przeoczone zjawiska na wysokości wzroku (Missed phenomena at eye level) - in the Le Guern Gallery
Galeria Le Guern - ul. Widok 8 (mapa)
Galeria Le Guern
free admission
Galeria Le Guern
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Pravdoliub Ivanov's exhibition at the Le Guern Gallery refers to his two individual expositions from about twenty years ago entitled "Na wysokości wzroku" (At eye level) (1998) and "Przeoczone zjawiska" (Missed phenomena) (1999). The artist's old work is confronted with his latest work created on the basis of new and previously unrealized ideas. The exhibition includes wall projects with text, as well as photographs, objects and video. The project has a dynamic nature and as a result, some of the works were created in the space of the exhibition.

The works of Pravdoliub Ivanov are rooted in everyday life and refer most often to social reality, memory and dreams. They visualize or create new, paradoxical and sophisticated relations between art and life. In his practice, the artist often uses ready-made objects from his own surroundings, finding in them hidden, often ambivalent meanings. Ivanov's interests fit in the long tradition of conceptual art and translate into work with language and text, image and perception, and an exposed creative process. Ivanov belongs to the group of the most recognized group of Bulgarian artists on the international art scene. The exhibition "Missed phenomena at eye level", presented at the Warsaw Gallery Weekend, is Le Guern's third individual artist show.

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