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"Stany skupienia wody" ("States of water") - exhibition ...

published: 2017-09-15 07:22:27, Culture Department
"Stany skupienia wody" ("States of water") - exhibition of photographs in PAN Museum of Earth
poniedziałki - piątki 9:00-16:00, niedziele 10:00-16:00, soboty - nieczynne
Muzeum Ziemi PAN - al. Na Skarpie 20/26 i 27 (mapa)
Muzeum Ziemi PAN
free admission
Muzeum Ziemi PAN
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Three states of water: liquid, solid and gas, sounds very scientific and technical. However, those words also contain the ability to see water in a different way. It can be a colorful fog at dawn, clouds before the storm and after sunset, snow or ice changing from orange to blue depending on the angle of light rays. Just get up before dawn or wait steadily until the sun disappears behind the horizon and you might see the theater created by the light reflecting in the droplets of water in the meadow and in the air.
The liquid form, on our exhibition, will be presented as a river, sea and waterfall, in the form of dew drops, as a carrier of mineral salts for the formation of rocks; in caves and as a factor of rock and sand dune erosion. Water will also be presented as an element of sacred culture and art. Solid state is represented by snow, frost and ice as a transient form associated with seasons and places, and also as a permanent form - glacier. The gas is nothing but a vapor, a fog, but we will also see it coming from inside the Earth, which reminds us that our Earth is still "alive", is transforming and evolving, and we are with it. - Elżbieta and Marek Lejbrandtowie

Source: PAN Earth Museum