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Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Mariusz Tarkawian: Fantastic Exhibition - at the Propaganda Gallery

published: 2017-09-15 07:18:24, Culture Department
Propaganda - ul. Foksal 11 lok.1 (mapa)
free admission
picture from kulturalna dot warszawa dot pl

Mariusz Tarkawian is a chronicler, cataloguer, documentarist, but also an interpreter. In graphic commentary, he describes contemporary reality, past and future of art. By observing the work of other artists and then carefully copying their works in his sketchbooks for a few years, he has built a huge drawing encyclopedia of art history ("W poszukiwaniu sztuki, zbiór ponad 2000 prac", In search of art, a collection of over 2000 works).

However, most events, situations, great ideas, breakthrough news and transformations is where nothing has started yet. The most interesting is what is uncertain and amazing, a little likely, and a bit invented. Tarkawian is fascinated with human ability to predict. The fact that man is constantly planning and involuntarily preparing his future. The fantastic exhibition is a fantasy drawing, it is the design and creation of the future. Drawings are warning scenarios, inventing and taming what the art will soon meet.

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