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„Czy to jest nierealny taki plan?” (Is It Really So ...

published: 2016-09-14 10:38:51, Culture Department
„Czy to jest nierealny taki plan?” (Is It Really So Unworkable?): Joanna Pawlik exhibition at Supermarket Sztuki Gallery
sob.: godz. 11 - 14
Galeria Supermarket Sztuki - ul. Grzybowska 88 (mapa)
Galeria Supermarket Sztuki
free admission
Galeria Supermarket Sztuki

The exhibition of Joanna Pawlik is a joint undertaking of Supermarket Sztuki Gallery and Wizytująca Gallery. The artist reflects on creation, disability and exclusion. She touches upon invisible divisions in the world of art and in society as well. She explores boundaries between professional and amateur means of artistic expression, poses questions about possibility of coexistence and resonance in a process of creation. To do so, Joanna Pawlik invites disabled people to collaborate, she arranges their meetings with viewers and artists without disabilities, initiates conversations, discussions, joint activities. This all results in concerts, films, sound recordings, texts, collages, objects, images and drawings.

Source: Organiser