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Prehistoric Hunter - Man From Janisławice exhibition at the National ...

published: 2015-05-21 10:04:20, Culture Department
Prehistoric Hunter - Man From Janisławice exhibition at the National Museum of Archaeology
Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm, Sun 10 am - 4 pm, Sat closed
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When in the autumn of 1936 Jan Kowalczyk and his neighbour Stefan Biskupski went to dig up some gravel from a field, they had no idea that they were in fact unearthing the southern end of an over 7,500-year-old gravesite. They returned to the site for more gravel in the spring of 1937 and this time dug their way to the grave's eastern end, where they came up against a skull. Taking it for stone, they struck it with a shovel, destroying its face and forehead. By now aware that they had chanced upon something unique, Kowalczyk and Biskupski continued digging, this resulting in a minor landslide which revealed the upper part of a skeleton and burial gifts.

The discovery aroused the interest of local teacher Stanisław Dziąg, who informed local authorities about the find. These in turn notified the National Museum of Archaeology in Warsaw, and in the spring of 1937 the museum sent their employee Konrad Jażdżewski to reconnoitre the site. Jażdżewski ran detailed tests, meticulously sifting through the grave's unearthed parts in search of all that could be of historical value.

Katarzyna Barska, Witold Migal, Monika Ciura - "The Story of An Archaeological Finding"

Source: National Museum of Archaeology