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Before Coal Was Formed: permanent exhibition at Muzeum Ziemi PAN (the ...

published: 2016-02-23 13:18:51, Culture Department
Before Coal Was Formed: permanent exhibition at Muzeum Ziemi PAN (the Museum of the Earth)
Sun 10 am – 4 pm
Muzeum Ziemi Polskiej Akademii Nauk - Aleja Na Skarpie 20/26, 27 (mapa)
Muzeum Ziemi Polskiej Akademii Nauk
free admission
Muzeum Ziemi Polskiej Akademii Nauk
picture from kulturalna dot warszawa dot pl

This small exhibition shows the vegetation in the most important carbonic periods in the history of Earth: Carboniferous and Neogene. At the background of palaeography and stratigraphy plant communities are presented, which can be reconstructed based on fossils found in sediments accompanying deposits of coal (Carboniferous) and lignite (Neogene). These plant communities are illustrated with graphic reconstructions, numerous plant remains and herbarium materials. Plant fossils come from the basins of coal in the Upper and Lower Silesia, lignite mines in Turoszów, Konin and Bełchatów and from the site in Dobrzyń on Vistula river..

Interesting curiosity shown at the the exhibition are two huge pieces of trunks (Glyptostroboxylon tenerum, Taxodioxylon gypsaceum) extracted from the lignite mine "Turów" near Bogatynia. They allow us to imagine how enormous trees could grow on our land millions of years ago.

The exhibition shows many differences in the composition of plant communities of both periods. At the same time it reminds us that coal is not only the basic energy resource in Poland, but also it's a sedimentary rock with the botanical origin.

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