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in a competition entitled Sztuka Użytkowa (Applied Art) gained interest during previous fairs editions, both in Cannes and Munich. For this reason laureates of the most recent edition of the competition will be promoted, along with the City of Warsaw, also in 2016. During this year's fairs, visitors will see, among others, wooden Archiblocks Warsaw skyscrapers of Elewacja foundation, colourful Memo games of Malu brand presenting views of the City of Warsaw, an interesting and original Ophthalmological board "The City of Warsaw", project by No to ładnie, a notebook with photographs of the City of Warsaw created by Warsaw Slow Design, magnets and socks of Wars Sawa Design, Warsaw lollipops from Fabryka Lizaków, elegant and exquisite  chocolates from Warszawska Manufaktura Czekolady (Warsaw Chocolate Manufacture), heart-shaped bracelets with engraved text dedicated to the City of Warsaw of Lilou brand and exceptional perfumes with aroma created specifically for the City of Warsaw of Mo61 brand. All projects submitted in the competition have to be designed and produced in the City of Warsaw.

Events during the fairs

Apart from individual meetings between representatives of the City of Warsaw and representatives of potential investors, there are different events in which will participate representatives of the City of Warsaw and partners. These are, among others, meetings of Mayors of cities "Mayors think tank" and conferences "CEE European Days" organized by Poland Today.

The Program also envisages a meeting in exhibition stand of the City of Warsaw with invited participants of fairs, the so-called "Cocktail party". It is an exceptional event which attracts many excellent guests.

How the Warsaw is seen in the world

Thanks to presence of the City of Warsaw on this type of events, the capital of Poland is taken into account as a place of perfect location and appreciated in various kinds of rankings. For instance in the recent Financial Timed fDi ranking, which will be distributed during this year's fairs, the City of Warsaw occupies 4th place between european cities in the category “Business friendliness”. The


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