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Zofia and Jan in the lead

published: 2019-01-31 09:34, mlan
Zofia and Jan in the lead fot. Zofia and Jan in the lead

Julia is not as popular as two years ago. Zofia reached the top rank on the list of the most popular names given to children in Warsaw last year. The results for boys do not come as a surprise. Jan is still the leader of the ranking of the most popular names.

“TOP 10” in Warsaw
If it is a Varsovian girl, it is Zofia, if it is a boy, it is Jan. Warsaw residents have been choosing these two names for their children for years. Although there were some minor changes as regards the positions of individual names in the ranking, the “Top 10” has remained the same for years.
Zofia was the most popular name for girls who were born in Warsaw in 2018. Zofia overtook Julia, who remained in the lead of the Warsaw ranking for one year only. The third place went to Zuzanna, just as in 2017. Minor changes were recorded in further positions. Maria gained popularity, moving from the seventh to the fourth position, and overtaking Alicja, Hanna and Maja. Helena, Aleksandra and Natalia close the Top 10 of the most popular female names in Warsaw.

The most popular female names:
1. Zofia (718),
2. Julia (671),
3. Zuzanna (667),
4. Maria (650),
5. Alicja (649),
6. Hanna (618),
7. Maja (552),
8. Helena (468),
9. Aleksandra (438),
10. Natalia (426).

No significant changes were recorded as regards boys born in Warsaw. Jan is invariably in the lead of the most popular names. Aleksander gained popularity last year, advancing from the fifth to the second position in 2018. Further positions were taken by Antoni, Jakub and Stanisław, in a similar order as in the year before, Franciszek was the next name on the list, losing its fourth place, followed by Adam, Szymon and Mikołaj. The Top 10 is closed by Ignacy. This position was occupied by Wojciech in 2017.

The most popular male names:
1. Jan (1030),
2. Aleksander (777),
3. Antoni (708),
4. Jakub (697),
5. Stanisław (659),
6. Franciszek (641),  
7. Adam (580),
8. Szymon (558),
9. Mikołaj (507),
10. Ignacy (468).

36,909 children were born in Warsaw in 2018. To compare, 36,106 children were born in Warsaw in 2017, and 35,543 children in 2016.
Adult Warsaw residents are becoming increasingly interested in changing their initial given name or surname. The number of decisions of name and surname change is growing. 2372 such decisions were issued in 2016, 2463 in 2017, whereas there were 2527 decisions last year.
Open-air weddings are gaining popularity

Although the overall number of marriages in Warsaw is decreasing, the young couples are more frequently taking the opportunity to organise their weddings outside the Registrar's Office. In 2016 there were 265 such weddings, 276 in the following year, while 283 such ceremonies were held in 2018. The most popular locations for weddings among young couples included Łazienki Park, Sobański Palace on Ujazdowskie Ave., the Konstanty Zamoyski Palace on Foksal St. and Sokolnicki Fort.

In total, 6502 marriages were solemnised in Warsaw in 2018, out of which there were 3649 marriages before the Superintendent Registrar, and 2853 concordat weddings. The total number decreased, compared to 2017. Young couples exchanged their vows 6524 times in 2017, whereas there were 6709 weddings in Warsaw in 2016.