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Winter season on Szczęśliwiecka Hill is starting

published: 2019-12-20 09:11, mlan
Winter season on Szczęśliwiecka Hill is starting fot. Winter season on Szczęśliwiecka Hill is starting

Another stage of works in the Szczęśliwice Centre has come to an end. The retrofit included: the extension of the building, the remodelling of a part of the ground floor, the addition of another storey, and improvements in the surrounding area. Snow fun lovers can already use the modernised facility.

“Preparations for the season are in full swing! As a keen skier, I am especially glad that we have opened the modernised Szczęśliwicka Hill. This is one of the few ski facilities of its kind in Poland which serves the Varsovians and ski schools all year long. Last year, we refurbished the slope and changing rooms, now we are offering the new interior, an extra storey, an open deck, and we will soon provide the recreational and sports zone with modern equipment. The zone will feature a gym, exercise rooms and a rehab room, among others. It is worth noting that, thanks to the refurbishment, the facility has been adapted for people with disabilities and is a place friendly to families with small children,” says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

In addition to the refurbishment, we have commissioned a number of improvements in the surrounding area. New parking lots covered with eco parking grids have been built, and a cycle rack has been added, along the road leading to the facility and on the facility premises in front of the building. Also, the pavement has been replaced and plantings added. The works also included the insulation of the foundation walls, the renovation of the façade, including thermal insulation and installation of the exterior metalwork, the construction of new exterior stairs, the roof and infrastructural developments. The whole building, with its abundant plants climbing up the façade and the green roof, is expected to blend in with the green surroundings of Szczęśliwicki Park.

The Capital City of Warsaw has allocated nearly PLN 12 million for the third stage of works involving the Szczęśliwice Centre.