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Warsaw's streets are regularly disinfected

published: 2020-04-28 09:37, mlan
Warsaw's streets are regularly disinfected fot. Warsaw's streets are regularly disinfected

By 21 April the City of Warsaw disinfected almost 400 square metres of its area – around 1200 km of streets and 1108 bus shelters. The cost of the city's ozonation since the beginning of April has reached nearly PLN 280,000. We are disinfecting places with heavy pedestrian traffic.

The works begin at midnight. Multikilometre pavements are disinfected with road sprinklers. In one night, between 116 and 192 km of pedestrian routes. Smaller areas are disinfected with high-pressure, backpack and agricultural sprayers operated by workers in special overalls and specialised masks.

The disinfection covers all districts of Warsaw, in the key public spaces, such as transfer hubs, grouped bus stops, main transport routes with numerous bus and tram stops, underground passages (Dw. Centralny, rondo Dmowskiego, rondo Waszyngtona), station surroundings (Dw. Centralny, Dw. Wschodni), squares (i.a.  Wileński Sq.).
The ozonation also covers the area around 10 social welfare homes and driveways of hospitals (the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw at 137 Wołoska St., the Military Institute of Medicine at 128 Szaserów St., the Province Communicable Diseases Hospital at 37 Wolska St., the Hospital of the Transfiguration in the Praga District at 67 Solidarności St., and the Czerniaków Hospital at 19/25 Stępińska St.).

The effectiveness of highly ozonated water
Highly ozonated water is the best disinfectant known for its effectiveness. It can be used both for washing surfaces and sprayed on them. Its antibacterial and antiviral action is faster than other disinfectants.

Highly ozonated water is safe for humans, the natural environment, equipment and infrastructure. It does not introduce any artificial elements to the environment, as it is obtained from water and oxygen with the use of electric energy. An additional advantage is that a few minutes after the disinfection degassed ozonated water dissolves into pure oxygen. Its properties and capabilities make it an effective product used to prevent the current spread of the coronavirus and of other possible viruses in the future.