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Warsaw wins for the third time

published: 2019-02-22 13:56, mlan
Warsaw wins for the third time. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski fot. Warsaw wins for the third time. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski

The latest ranking by the fDi Magazine, presenting the best Polish cities of the future 2019/2010, the Capital City has been appreciated again for its economic potential, human capital, quality of life, and accessibility. Warsaw was also recognised as the most business-friendly city.

“Warsaw is an open and friendly city. The office market in Poland is becoming more and more attractive for investors. Warsovians are excellent employees. And the Capital City is the leader among the most popular destinations. This is the best place to create and develop a business in Central and Eastern Europe,” says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The Magazine reports that between 2014 and 2018 Warsaw attracted more investors than any other Polish city. The Capital welcomed as many as 262 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects. For comparison, in Kraków, in the same period of time, there were only 95, and in Wrocław 91. Warsaw recorded more investments in such areas as sales, marketing & support, and business services.

In the Polish Cities of the Future ranking, Warsaw performed strongly in the Economic Potential, Human Capital and Lifestyle categories. It also won in Connectivity and Business Friendliness. Analysts noted that, when making decisions about starting their business in Warsaw, investors generally rely on access to well-qualified and experienced staff. The Warsaw market provides a pool of exceptional talent as it has the highest number of higher education institutions in the country and the highest number of students studying a foreign language. Moreover, the Chopin Airport, located some 10 km from the city centre, provides direct flights to more than 110 international destinations.
The Capital City provides a favourable climate for business

With its excellent access to the market and well-qualified workforce, the City creates favourable conditions for making business. And it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the EU. This investment-conducive atmosphere is attracting more and more companies and businesspersons, both local and international. In addition, with constantly growing infrastructure, the quality of life here has been improving year by year. Warsaw has a modern and environmentally friendly urban transport, and as many as 570 kilometers of cycling paths. What is also unique about the City is its green character and close proximity to nature. Almost 40% of the City is covered by green areas, including natural stretches of land along its Vistula river that are unique in Europe.