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Warsaw students among the world leaders

published: 2019-12-20 09:23, mlan
Warsaw students among the world leaders fot. Warsaw students among the world leaders

Teenagers from Warsaw schools did a great job in the PISA study, the world's largest survey of students' knowledge and skills. Students from Poland are among the world leaders in reading comprehension, mathematics and science.

The PISA study (The Program for International Student Assessment) is the world's largest international survey assessing students’ level of knowledge and skills. The study has been conducted every three years since 2000. PISA studies are conducted under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Poland has participated in the PISA survey from the very beginning. Our students are assigned reading comprehension, mathematics and science problem-solving tasks. Their performance is then compared with that of students from other countries.

Every edition covers approx. 4,000–5,000 Polish 15-year-olds from one hundred and several dozen schools (mainly junior high schools since 2003). The 2018 edition, whose results were revealed on 3 December, involved 5,625 Polish students from 227 schools.

Reading comprehension
Reading is a key skill that conditions students' progress in most subjects, and is necessary for social and economic functioning. In the PISA study, reading tasks measure the ability to find information, and to interpret, reflect on and evaluate texts.

Poland had the best performance in the group comprising students from the largest cities. As emphasised by Dr. Maciej Jakubowski (Evidence Institute Scientific Foundation), these results are attributable to Warsaw students, because Warsaw was the only city taking part in the study with more than 1 million inhabitants. Students from Singapore, the city which has been admired for the excellent organisation of education and the best results for years, did very well, too. Students from the largest cities of Japan, Hong Kong and 15-year-olds from Canada living in cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary showed a slightly poorer albeit very good performance. It is worth emphasising that the impressive performance by Warsaw students stems from their strong motivation and good quality education.

Mathematics and science
The latest data of 2018 PISA also include comparisons in the fields of mathematics and science. These,