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Warsaw’s streets full of flowers

published: 2018-10-11 09:08, mlan
Warsaw’s streets full of flowers fot. Warsaw’s streets full of flowers

This spring, Warsaw’s streets will be decorated with more than 30,000 new plants. The City centre has already had some 13,000 white and red flowers planted, and the Ochota District is now implementing a project entitled “Green Wall along Wawelska St.”.

“Warsaw’s streets are getting ever greener. Recent flower and tree plantings not only make the Capital City more beautiful but also help purify the air and benefit our health. Local residents can enjoy the sight of these lovely plants both along the busiest transport routes, and in calmer areas,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

Polish national colours in the City centre
Some 13,000 new plants were planted along the south side of the Palace of Culture and Science, between Emilii Plater St., Jerozolimskie Ave. and Marszałkowska St. Red and white heathers, chrysanthemums and silver ragworts are first signs of an investment to be completed in 2019. In addition, 3,000 new ground cover roses can now be found between Metro Centrum and Central Railway Station as a result of a participatory budget project entitled “A sea of roses in Defilad Sq.”. A small distance away, at the University of Technology square, you will see 400 sq. metres of perennial plants, including asters, Bergenia flowers, coneflowers, Liliales, catmint, woodland sage, aging chive, and stonecrops. And 5,500 spring flowers will be placed in flowerpots along Royal Route. This main road will be decorated with ornamental cabbage, common heather and silver ragwort, commonly known as dusty miller.