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Warsaw raises teachers' pays

published: 2019-03-12 09:25, mlan

On 7 March 2019, Warsaw councillors adopted a resolution to raise the salaries of both teacher trainees and contract teachers. The pay-rise costs will be covered from the Warsaw local-government budget.

Just as I've promised, we are about to offer pay rises to teachers with the shortest job seniority in order to both attract new graduates to work in our schools and retain the current staffs. The pay-rise programme will cover 9,600 teacher trainees and contract teachers. Increased pays will be provided starting with the nearest payday, with compensations back-dated to January,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

We have secured PLN 39,000,000 in this year's budget to provide these pay rises to teachers, as set out in the “Warsaw For All” programme. This includes a PLN 250 rise for teacher trainees with a Master's degree and teaching credentials, and a rise of PLN 270 for contract teachers with equivalent qualifications. Nominated teachers whose basic pay is the lowest have already been receiving increased salaries. The pay rise will be offered to a total of 9,600 teachers, this marking the first pay-rise stage. In December 2018, rises were provided to school service staffs.

We are true to our promise – “Warsaw for Students”
Just to remind, along with the pay rises offered to teachers, the “Warsaw for Students” programme provides for such initiatives as the provision of PLN 100 per year for Warsaw students to enable them attend cultural, scientific or sporting events. We are also developing individual consulting services for teenagers, and preparing our schools for the “doubled” class. Finally, we have intensified school construction projects.