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Warsaw Public Transport ranked high

published: 2018-08-28 13:45, mlan
Warsaw Public Transport ranked high fot. Warsaw Public Transport ranked high

Nearly 85% passengers using the capital’s public transport services give them a high note. Warsaw Public Transport services are mostly used by Varsovians commuting to work, school or university.

"According to the Warsaw Traffic Survey, nearly 47% of residents use the city public transport every day. This is a large group of people. That is why their assessment of the public transport they use is very important" says Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. "When planning our connection network, we always try to listen to the residents' opinions. We also care about the condition of our fleet of vehicles which are replaced for modern and eco-friendly buses on an ongoing basis. We are glad that our undertakings are well received by residents, who rank the services provided by the Warsaw Public Transport as good and very good," she adds.

The Warsaw Transport Authority carried out a survey on the habits and needs of people travelling by Warsaw Public Transport, and on how they assess its various aspects. 84% of the respondents gave the public transport in Warsaw a good or a very good grade, and only 4% expressed negative views about it. 73% of the respondents claimed to enjoy using Warsaw Public Transport, whereas only 8% expressed opposite views. Metro services were ranked highest - on a scale from 1 to 5, as the punctuality and frequency of this underground rail was assessed at 4.5, and security was assessed at 4.3 points. Trams were also ranked high for punctuality, with an average mark of 4.2. Moreover, the accessibility of public transport to persons with disabilities was also ranked at 4.2.

38% of the respondents use public transport every day or mostly every day, 30% use public transport 4-5 times a week, while 14% of the respondents - 2 or 3 times a week. Only 10% of the respondents gets on a public transport vehicle less than once a week. And what are the reasons for using Warsaw Public Transport Services? For 35 % of the respondents it is such a normal thing that it has become a habit. Other motivations mentioned include: " I am not stuck in a traffic jam" - 31%, "I have no problems parking" - 27%, "I can relax" - 24%, and "I can read something" - 22 %.

The destination most frequently mentioned by Warsaw residents was workplace (33% commute to work every day or almost every day, 48% - 4 or 5 times a week), followed by school or university (20% commute to university or school every day or almost every day; 42% - 4 or 5 times a week), and taking children to school (8% every day or almost every day, 50% - 4 or 5 times a week).

The survey participants were also asked by the interviewers to compare the Warsaw Public Transport with that provided in other Polish cities. From a group of all interviewed persons, 20% used public transport services in other Polish cities (the most frequently mentioned cities included Kraków, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań and Szczecin), and in the opinion of 61% of the respondents, public transport in Warsaw was better than its counterparts in other cities.
A total of 1058 passengers took part in the survey, including 948 Warsaw residents, 88 people living in towns near Warsaw, and 22 people living in neighbouring localities and regularly using public transport services in Warsaw. The interviews were conducted in the respondents' homes (CAPI in-home) between 11 June and 6 July 2018.