Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Warsaw on the podium!

published: 2018-06-21 12:49, mlan
Warsaw on the podium! fot. Warsaw on the podium!

15 June, the ranking of 66 Polish cities with district rights was presented at the “Europolis. Civic cities” conference. Warsaw was on the podium of the most civic Polish cities.

The fourth edition of the report was devoted to the popularisation of civic attitudes (among the residents and representatives of local authorities alike). The ranking takes into account such factors as the involvement of residents in public life, electoral activities, popularisation of civic attitudes, and openness of public institutions to the needs of citizens, etc.

The “Europolis. Civic cities” report present such information as: who is the major entity missing in the first half of the ranking, and why; in which cities there are the most representatives of local electoral committees in city councils; whether affiliation with a religious organisation impacts on public involvement; and whether the size of the participatory budget is associated with the number of public consultations.

The capital ranked relatively highly in all five surveyed sub-categories (passive and active electoral activities, participation in public organisations, residents’ involvement in public life, promotion of civic attitudes, and openness of local governments to residents).
Among the residents of the surveyed cities, Varsorivans were the ones to most frequently request representatives of local governments to provide them with public information, which proves their strong involvement in public life. Also a large percentage of Varsovians are involved in various social organisations (e.g. associations and clubs financed from public funds).
More information on www.europolis.schuman.pl.