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Warsaw for the Insurgents

published: 2018-07-26 09:38, mlan

The City of Warsaw takes care of the Warsaw Insurgents by providing them with health programmes, social assistance, and cash prizes, and also granting financial support to veteran associations.

Financial aid
The Warsaw insurgents receive cash prizes of PLN 4,587.84 from the city budget. The forms have been sent to 1,700 insurgents. We have earmarked PLN 9 million for this purpose.

Exemption from charges for staying in Social Welfare Homes   

The Resolution of the City Council (at the session of 19 April 2018) allowed supporting the members of the Veteran of Struggles for Independence of the Republic of Poland Corps, including veterans of the Warsaw Uprising, by granting them a full exemption from charges for staying in Social Welfare Homes (DPS).

Eligible individuals who already stay in social welfare homes will be exempt from payment from 1 January 2018. Currently Warsaw’s social welfare homes are taking care of 34 veterans, including 12 former insurgents.

Day Care Centre at 9 Hrubieszowska St.

The City has concluded public consultations regarding the Day Care Centre for Warsaw Insurgents, which will be established at 9 Hrubieszowska St. The procedure started on 15 February 2018. The first public consultation meeting with Warsaw residents took place on 28 February at the Warsaw Rising Museum.

The consultation results have formed the basis for preparing a functional and utility programme for the real property that will host the day care centre.  

House at 22 Nowolipie St.

The City has signed an agreement with the Monopol Warszawski Association to establish a temporary day care centre for Warsaw insurgents in the city-owned flat at 22 Nowolipie St. to accommodate the insurgents until the Centre at Hrubieszowska St. begins to operate.

The association has prepared a comprehensive programme to develop this place. The Centre will be open five days a week between 10 am and 6 pm. It will provide services to former insurgents free of charge.
It is to be launched on the anniversary of the end of the Warsaw Uprising, on 2 October 2018.

The costs of its operation for two years (2018-19) will be covered from the city budget and will amount to PLN 1.637 million.

Previous measures

Assistance in daily living and maintaining self-reliance
There is a number of organisations and foundations working for the benefit of the insurgents, which are financed by the city, organisations and foundations, and specifically the following five entities:
- the Mazowieckie Regional Branch of the Polish Red Cross,
- the Cultura Memoriae Foundation,
- the Pomoc Potrzebującym Foundation,
- the Mali Bracia Ubogich Association,
- the ART Foundation.

Doctor’s appointments in various specialisations and diagnostic and laboratory tests can be scheduled at:
- the Praski Hospital of the Transfiguration of Jesus at 67 Solidarności Ave.
- the SZPZLO Warszawa-Mokotów clinic at 11/13 Litewska St.