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Warsaw on Expo Real in Munich

published: 2017-10-09 12:27, mlan
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Warsaw as the hub of global business management and growth in Central and Eastern Europe – this will be the central idea behind our capital’s presence at Expo Real, the largest investment and real estate fair in Europe, held between 4 and 6 October in Munich, Germany.

The City of Warsaw regularly participates in this international investment and commercial real estate fair. City representatives go there not only to sell municipal realty. In fact, their primary goal is to promote Warsaw as a location with an impressive rate of growth, and to encourage investors to explore its promising prospects and to invest there.

Warsaw is the leader in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to attractiveness, innovative infrastructure, access to capital, and the number of projects on the market. Today, we are slightly changing the focus of our message. Now we want to put even greater emphasis on our efforts to solicit companies to come and create jobs, because, in fact, they are also the clients of all the development projects which are now under way in Warsaw,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw. “Importantly, Warsaw has continued to rank on top when it comes to growth potential. This year was particularly successful. We are showing, also during the fair, that our capital city is the investment destination for some powerful brands, such as P&G, MoneyGram, Nielsen, and BNP Paribas – these are all companies that have already established themselves in our City and have been expanding their operations for several years now.

Similarly to previous years, during the event in Munich Warsaw is being presented as a place with enormous investment potential, but also offering a high quality of life (as many as 81% of Warsaw residents are happy with their quality of life). A number of independent studies and high rankings of Warsaw confirm the leading role of the City in the CEE region.

As a result of excellent cooperation, not only with this year’s Expo Real partners, but also other property developers, Warsaw is a unique place in Europe in terms of the available office space. Today, there are over 5 million square metres of office space in Warsaw, including more than 2 million sq. m of modern office space, and an additional 700,000+ sq. m is under development, of which 380,000 sq. m is to be completed by the end of 2018. The newly developed offices stand out against other European cities with their modern design and flexible space arrangement adjusted to the needs of a new generation of employees, and BREEAM and LEED certificates are now a norm.

Based on its own and property developers’ experiences, the City is shaping its new investments to create value also for Warsaw residents by establishing new common areas and urban landscaping.