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Warsaw engrossed by Olga Tokarczuk’s books

published: 2019-12-20 09:13, mlan
Warsaw engrossed by Olga Tokarczuk’s books fot. Warsaw engrossed by Olga Tokarczuk’s books

Warsaw is celebrating the Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to Olga Tokarczuk. We have just donated over 2,000 books by her to Warsaw’s public libraries and secondary schools. This is both a tribute to the author and a gift for the residents of Warsaw.

“I am glad that we can celebrate the Nobel Prize awarded to the distinguished Polish writer, whose works I hold in high regard. Let us make it a real celebration of reading, with Olga Tokarczuk’s books as the guiding theme. I heartily recommend Olga Tokarczuk’s books – now you can borrow them from your library” says Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, commenting on the city’s idea to honour the 2018 Nobel Prize winner.

Warsaw’s public and school libraries will acquire over two thousand copies of her books. They will include both her old and latest books such as “Journey of the People of the Book” (Podróż ludzi księgi), “Primeval and Other Times” (Prawiek i inne czasy), “E.E”, “House of Day, House of Night” (Dom dzienny, dom nocny), “Flights” (Bieguni), “Bizarre Stories” (Opowiadania bizarne) and “The Books of Jacob” (Księgi Jakubowe). The residents of Warsaw will be able to find the books in the libraries of all districts, and students in 126 school libraries.

The library network in Warsaw consists of 18 district libraries, over 200 branches and 5 million volumes. Thanks to the new visual identification signed with a red letter B, Warsaw’s libraries are becoming a recognisable brand. As part of the library development programme carried out by the city, a library website was created: www.bibliotekiwarszawy.pl. Later, we plan to launch a shared catalogue of e-literature to support everyday purchases of traditional books with new releases in electronic format. The service will be available in all public libraries in Warsaw.