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The Wake Up! campaign launched

published: 2019-10-11 12:42, mlan
The Wake Up! campaign launched fot. The Wake Up! campaign launched

A social campaign called “Wake Up! Attention=life” has been launched. It is aimed at improving the safety of senior citizens on Warsaw roads. The Municipal Roads Authority is responsible for its implementation.

Last year's statistics published by the Municipal Roads Authority showed that people over the age of 60 are the most vulnerable to the risk of accidents. Attention on the road is one of the fundamental factors affecting safety.

According to a safety audit carried out by the Municipal Roads Authority in 2018, the most frequent causes of road accidents involving pedestrians - seniors on Warsaw roads - include not giving priority at pedestrian crossings (60.3%) and the inappropriate reversing of vehicles (16.8%). Seniors are most likely to cause accidents by jaywalking (14%). The highest number of accidents involving older people in 2018 occurred in April, May, and October.

The latest statistics on accidents involving pedestrians for 2019, prepared by the Mobility & Transport Policy Department of the City of Warsaw, is also alarming - the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians has increased in comparison to last year. “Accidents involving pedestrians on Warsaw's roads constitute over half the total number of accidents in 2019” says Michał Domaradzki, Director of the Mobility & Transport Policy Department of the City of Warsaw.

Walking on trodden paths, crossing the street against a red light, or forcing the right of way - the list of offences of both pedestrians and drivers is long. One thing is certain - all these minor offences and bad habits create the risk of losing your life. Therefore, the activities carried out by the Municipal Roads Authority are to be addressed both to drivers and seniors, and aimed at "waking up" both groups to these dangers. Attention, mutual understanding, and responsibility by all road users are what we aspire to, and are the greatest transport challenge.

The campaign will use communication tools to reach out to drivers and senior citizens: the campaign is not only about media activities and spots, it is also about long-term activities through which we want to reach senior citizens. These include meetings at the Universities of the Third Age, and in senior citizens' clubs, as we want to reach out to the elderly through the places they often frequent. The Church also plays an important role, and through the Warsaw parishes we will inform seniors about the dangers on the roads.