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Visit the new EKOpark in Ursus

published: 2019-06-06 12:18, mlan
Visit the new EKOpark in Ursus fot. Visit the new EKOpark in Ursus

The first section of EKOpark in Ursus is open. Solar-powered street lamps, pans collecting storm water to irrigate plants, and a playground built of natural materials - these are only some of the elements of this new green space. This post-industrial space has become a new leisure area thanks to the EU Funds.

“Warsaw residents want to relax close to nature. In this new park, we joined urban greenery with green solutions, such as the storm-water collection system, or mineral paving. Young residents now have a vast space for playing, and learning about nature. I am glad that this once heavily urbanised space turned into an area full of plants. This is the direction we want to go in,” said Justyna Glusman, Coordinator for Sustainable Development and Greenery at the City of Warsaw.

Space for children and adults

The playground for children is built of wooden elements and environmentally friendly materials. Enthusiasts of open-air exercises can come to an open-air gym, and body-weight training zone. In turn, nature enthusiasts will appreciate an educational path full of interesting eco-facts. Those who enjoy spending their free time out in green spaces can relax on special platforms made of larch wood, and under roofed structures where they can find some shadow.

Abundant wildlife
Nearly 70% of the park is a soft landscaped area, with greenery in which insects and small animals can find their habitats. In addition to the nesting boxes, birds can also nest in leaf-covered shrubs. Architects also provided shelters for ladybirds, butterflies and other insects. In the summer, a nearly 980 m2-large flowery meadow will adorn the park, at the same time becoming a great source of food for bees and bumblebees. The gardeners will mow the lawns only five times a year, and the flowery meadow only once a year. This will help to preserve the natural character of the park.
The cost of this stage is PLN 5.65 million. The second section of the EKOpark, with an area of 1.7 ha, is currently under construction. The whole park, with a total area of 5 hectares, will be open this autumn.