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Urban bikes ready

published: 2018-03-07 13:40, mlan
Urban bikes ready fot. Urban bikes ready

Urban bikes will be available for rental from 1 March. In the previous season these bikes travelled an impressive 10 million kilometres. This is the seventh season for Veturilo bikes.

Easy to rent and to return
Veturilo bike season is from 1 March to the end of November. This year, as many as 5200 bikes will be available for rental at 366 stations. The system is up 24/7, and bikes can be rented using terminals or mobile apps. The system can be used by virtually anyone, you just need to be 18, or at least 13, years old (minors need to provide their parents’ consent). People who wish to start using Veturilo need to register in the system (via a terminal, by app, by phone or online), accept the terms of service, and top up their client account with at least PLN 10.

Urban bikes have comfortable handlebars, adjustable bells, front luggage carriers and wide, waterproof, saddles. Each bike has a QR code for quick rental. Modern terminals with colour displays and touch screens can accept contactless payment and are equipped with universal bicycle pumps. And each bicycle rack has a light to indicate whether the bike is in good working order and can be rented.

20 minutes free of charge
For the first 20 minutes, users can ride traditional bicycles free of charge. The fee for the next 40 minutes is just one zloty, and for the second hour – 3 zlotys. The third hour costs PLN 5, and the fourth and each subsequent hour – PLN 7.
Electric bikes have their own price list. You can use these free of charge for 20 minutes, and if you extend this time for up to one hour, you will pay 6 zlotys. The second and each subsequent hour will cost you 14 zlotys.