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Tourism in Warsaw - report for 2019

published: 2020-09-09 09:04, tdemianczuk
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Warsaw Tourism Office has just published a summary of the data for the previous year. In 2019, over 10 million tourists visited Warsaw. Their opinions about the assets of the city are very positive.

Who visited us?
In 2019, foreigners accounted for almost 30 percent of all tourists. The British were the largest group (20%), followed by Germans (10%), Ukrainians (7%), Americans, and Italians. Guests from Poland and abroad frequently came to our city to see the monuments, visit relatives or friends or simply relax.

Excellent opinions of the visitors
Warsaw seemed like an extremely interesting place since tourists rated its attractiveness as high as 9.11 on a 10-point scale. This is a record-breaking result, as it is 0.36  points higher compared to 2018. Tourists would also highly recommend a visit to our city to their relatives and friends. The average willingness to recommend a visit to Warsaw was 9.34 out of 10 points.

What were the visitors most willing to visit?  
Invariably the most popular places among tourists were the Old Town and Łazienki Królewskie (the Royal Łazienki Park). The Palace of Culture and Science is the third most often visited place among Poles, while the foreigners most frequently visited the Royal Castle. There is a growing popularity of places which are not included in the list of the most popular tourist attractions, e.g. Ząbkowska St. in Praga or Jazdów Estate, which tourists visit to get to know the diverse faces of the city.

We like tourists
Varsovians know how to create a unique, friendly, both local and big-city atmosphere. As many as 75 percent of the residents believe that the development of urban tourism has a positive effect on their lives.

Expenses of foreigners
Foreigners, including tourists, one-day visitors, and ex-pats, are an important source of income for Warsaw.
Last year visitors spent PLN 9.6 billion while being in Warsaw, some 3 percent higher than in 2018. The British themselves spent almost a third of this amount. An average foreigner in Warsaw spent PLN 2.4 thousand, although in the case of some countries this average was much higher. The Saudis were the most generous group during their stay, spending on average PLN 8.5 thousand per person. The analysis prepared for the Warsaw Tourist Office by Mastercard also shows that foreigners spent the most on accommodation, restaurant services, and fashion shopping. According to Mastercard data, citizens from China and Israel spent more money in Warsaw on fashion-related shopping than visitors from other countries. On the other hand, people coming from southern Europe (e.g. from Italy) were more likely to spend time in restaurants.

This is the fifth report on tourism in Warsaw - detailed data for 2019 are published on the website: report2019.go2warsaw.pl. The report was also published in English.