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Tasty tap water in the whole Warsaw

published: 2015-11-27 11:33, mlan
Tasty tap water in the whole Warsaw. Fot.R.Motyl fot. Tasty tap water in the whole Warsaw. Fot.R.Motyl

Within the Water Treatment Station "Prague" at 21 Brussels Street there was launched modern installation of indirect ozone and carbon filters.

The finalisation of the investment means that each of the water companies in the Capital City in Warsaw has been equipped with advanced, efficient technological systems that allow residents to ensure that all agglomerations access to water of the highest quality.

- Thanks to the modernization, and above all the use of modern technology, chlorine will be eliminated from here treated water in the coming weeks. And mostly it affected the deterioration of its taste and smell - said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw at the opening of the SUW "Prague" .

- The fact that water from the waterworks in Warsaw reaches 98% of the population and that it is tasty, safe to drink straight from the tap, is a revolution as the Lindleyowskie waterworks in Warsaw which was built in the late nineteenth century. – stressed Hanna Krajewska, President of  MPWiK.

The project consisted of the expansion of the existing water treatment process further by intermediate ozonisation and filtration with granular activated carbon. The detailed scope of works included the complete construction of the ozonisation station and carbon filters station , intermediate pumping stations, storage building, technical support, as well as modernization of existing infrastructure.

The task was carried out in the framework of the Project entitled "Water supply and wastewater treatment in Warsaw - Phase IV", co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union.

The primary objective of the investment was to reduce the doses of agents used for final disinfection, which has a significant impact on improving the taste and smell of water supplied to residents. Contractor is a consortium IDS-BUD SA (leader), Seen Technologie Sp. z o.o. (partner), Instal Warszawa S.A. (partner). The contract is worth PLN 82 million.

How is the water purifying ?

The hitherto existing technological system, water is in-taken from the