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Tap water is safe

published: 2019-09-11 09:35, mlan
Tap water is safe fot. Tap water is safe

Residents can safely use the supplied water and drink it from the tap. The recent failure of the municipal transmission collector has no impact on the quality of tap water in Warsaw which meets the stringent requirements and its properties are checked daily, at every stage of the treatment process.

State-of-the-art technologies, modernized installations and detailed tests – all these guarantee that the water supplied by the Warsaw water supply system to the residents' homes is tasty, clean and suitable for drinking straight from the tap.

Tap water not affected by the recent failure
The failure of the transmission system applies to the sewage system and has no impact on the quality of water supplied to Warsaw residents – the tap water intakes for the City are located under the Vistula river bed, between 506 and 509 km on the river. This is 10 km above the controlled discharge of waste to the river, which takes place further down at 519 km.

From 31 August (Saturday), the sewage is ozonised just before being discharged into the river. This means that waste water from the seven districts that enter the Vistula is less harmful, as ozone kills most bacteria. An extra dose of oxygen will help the river purify itself. More information available here. The quality of water in Płock has not deteriorated either. Residents can safely use the supplied tap water, as confirmed by the tests carried out by Płock Water Supply.

Warsaw tap water – clean and tested
According to recent results of the rigorous testing, the quality of supplied water meets all the requirements specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Health. The purity and safety of the Warsaw tap water have also been confirmed by the Sanitary Inspectorate. Details of the tests are available here. The official letter of the State District Sanitary Inspector in Warsaw can be found here.

Every day more than 350 million litres of water are treated in the Capital City. Before the water reaches the residents of the Warsaw agglomeration, it has to go through a number of complicated technological processes and detailed laboratory tests. In the modern facilities of the Warsaw waterworks, the water is subjected to, among others, multi-stage filtration, ozonation and disinfection, in order to make it safe, pure and tasty.

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company has its own accredited laboratories, in which about 170,000 water tests are performed annually. The Sanitary Inspectorate also conducts independent inspections of the quality of water supplied to Warsaw residents.