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Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

The stars of silent film in Żeromski Park

published: 2018-07-17 12:00, mlan
Pola Negri. The stars of silent film in Agrykola Park fot. Pola Negri. The stars of silent film in Agrykola Park

Before the time of the sound film, silent-film stars captivated the imagination and stirred up the emotions of our great grandmothers. The silent-film stars – Pola Negri, Halina Bruczówna, and Nora Ney – will delight Warsaw audiences once again. They will be accompanied by live music performances by female musicians and instrumentalists.

Starting on Saturday, 14 July, at 8.30 p.m., there will be five screenings of Polish silent films, accompanied by experimental live music performances by independent artistes in Żeromski Park. Each screening will be preceded by a meeting with one of the film journalists, Anna Tatarska, Magda Maksimiuk or Diana Dąbrowska who know practically all there is to know about women films of the past. And the films will serve as an invitation to the debate on the situation of women in pre-War Poland.

Warsaw’s silent films – schedule
Saturday, 14 July – Mania: the Story of a Cigarette Company Worker, dir. Eugen Illes, 1918. Accompanied by cellist Karolina Rec. Ms Rec has been a regular fixture of the local independent music scene (she has worked with Maciej Cieślak, Michał Biela and Natalia Fiedorczuk). She has also composed music for numerous theatrical productions.
Saturday, 21 July – Ludzie bez jutra [People with No Tomorrow], dir. Aleksander Hertz, 1919. Accompanied by Aleksandra Grünholz, a representative of searching electronic music from the realm of ambient and techno.
Saturday, 28 July  – „Halka”, dir. Konstanty Meglicki, 1929. Accompanied by Antonina Nowacka, who uses mainly her vocalising skills, aided by simple, live modulation and synthesis, applying both electronic devices and a wide range of vocal techniques.
Saturday, 4 August – Zew morza [The Call of the Sea], dir. Henryk Szaro, 1927. Accompanied by Joanna Szumacher, an audiovisual artiste, producer and curator, as well as experimental electronic-music creator.
Saturday, 11 August – Bestia [The Beast], dir. Aleksander Hertz, 1917. Accompanied by Sasha Zakrevska, a Ukrainian graphic designer residing in Warsaw, and an analogue musician.
Notice. In the event of rain, the screenings will be cancelled.

The silent-film stars
Pola Negri was one of the greatest stars of Polish silent film, as well as one of the first Europeans to gain fame in Hollywood. She starred