Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Spreading knowledge on Warsaw's monuments

published: 2018-06-11 13:22, mlan
Spreading knowledge on Warsaw's monuments. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski fot. Spreading knowledge on Warsaw's monuments. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski

Organisations can receive co-financing from the City of Warsaw by way of open calls for proposals or small grants. The Heritage Protection Department has allocated PLN 300,000 for such initiatives in 2018.

10 Non-governmental organisations have received co-financing as part of calls for proposal in the field of culture, art, protection of cultural assets and national heritage.

The tasks to be implemented this year include an exhibition and a lecture on boats cruising along the Vistula River, the “Szare Domy” [Grey Houses] Festival, devoted to the residents of this housing estate, preparation of the documentation on Warsaw's neon lights, classes for children (“Zabytkowe Dzieciaki” Project), walks and workshops devoted to the architecture and history of Warsaw, spreading knowledge on the oldest church in Warsaw ‒ St Jacob’s Church dating back to 1518. This year's events are addressed to children, young people and adults, interested in gaining knowledge on Warsaw.

In addition to the grants, non-governmental organisations implementing the reference projects can also count on content-related support from the Heritage Protection Department. The Department has been providing grants for projects in the field of heritage protection since 2014, allocating a total of PLN 650,000 for that purpose, including this year’s funds.