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Six million hires of Veturilo bikes

published: 2019-12-20 09:19, mlan
Six million hires of Veturilo bikes fot. Six million hires of Veturilo bikes

The eighth Veturilo season has already come to an end. The city bikes have been hired almost 6 million times this year. The bikes will be back on the streets in March next year.

There are now 390 Veturilo stations. Thanks to the support from district offices, new bike rentals have appeared in Bielany, Targówek, Ochota and Ursynów. The number of sponsored stations, funded by private entities, has grown to 49.

The system now consists of 5,700 bikes, including 60 children’s bikes, 45 tandems and 110 electric bikes.
The Warsaw Veturilo is fully compatible with the bike systems in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Marki, Michałowice, Piaseczno and Pruszków. This means that bikes hired there can be returned in Warsaw, and the other way round. Over 5.9 million hires of city bikes have been recorded on the territory of Warsaw this season.

The magic of numbers – interesting facts
According to statistics kept by the city, Veturilo bikes account for 7% of the overall bike traffic in Warsaw. During the eighth season, residents and tourist hired Veturilo bikes exactly 5,953,802 times. They were the most active in June and April, when the number of hires exceeded 900,000, which means that there were 31,900 and 30,100 hires every day in those months, respectively, and that each bike was ridden 168 and 158 times a month, respectively. Since the launch of the system, the operator of the bike rentals – Nextbike Polska – has recorded 25.6 million hires. There were an average of 21,700 hires a day.

This year, the average hiring time was 22 minutes and 59 seconds. Around 77% of the hires do not exceed the free 20-minute time. A further 18% of the hires ranges between 20 minutes and 1 hour, which costs a token one zloty.
The most active Veturilo user had an impressive 363 hires during the whole season. The most popular bike bears number 29005. It was hired 2,012 times during the whole year, averaging more than seven times a day.