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School year has kicked-off

published: 2019-09-11 13:46, mlan
School year has kicked-off fot. School year has kicked-off

On 2 September, 250,000 students and preschoolers began a new school year in Warsaw. The Capital City's inauguration attended by Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, took place at Jan Śniadecki High School No. 30 in Warsaw.

On this special day, I wish you, dear students, to make as many new friends as possible, to find inspiration and to develop your passions. Dear parents, I wish you a great deal of patience. Do support your children! Dear teachers, we all know what the situation is like in the educational system. All the best for you! We are certain that you will make it, and that we will maintain a very high level of Warsaw education,” said Mayor Trzaskowski.

Warsaw investing in education
Warsaw schools continue to top the national rankings, and their graduates excel in international competitions. In the “Perspektywy 2019” ranking featuring leaving certificate results, as many as seven Warsaw high schools are in the top ten of the best Polish high schools, with the first four places in that ranking being taken by Warsaw schools. In addition, the best technical secondary school in the country comes from the Capital City.

However, the new school year will be particularly challenging due to the education reform and the doubled number of students. The subsidy is low – Warsaw spends almost PLN 4.5 billion a year on education, and the educational subsidy is less than PLN 2 billion. Over PLN 800 million is missing to cover salaries of pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff, with the remaining amount being settled by the local government.

Warsaw invests additional funds in free pre-schools, free additional care and educational offer during holidays and the mid-term winter break, as well as extracurricular activities, professional development of teachers or the highest in the country wage supplements for the educational staff. Last year, the allowances to school headmasters were increased (by PLN 1,000), and so were the allowances to form tutors (up to PLN 380). Moreover, starting with January 2019, a pay rise for trainee teachers (PLN 250) and contract teachers (PLN 270) has been introduced.

In 2019, we have allocated a tremendous sum of PLN 4 billion and 916 million on education. This is the biggest burden on the City's budget. In the adopted Long–Term Financial Forecast, we have allocated almost PLN 1.2 billion on those expenses. In the years 2019-2023, 15 schools (for over 10,000 students) and 29 pre-schools (for over 4,700 children) will be established. There are also 250 other investments planned, involving the modernisation and extension of buildings and infrastructure (sport grounds, playgrounds). We take care of our schools, spending over PLN 120 million on renovations each year.