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Saying 'no' to animal homelessness

published: 2019-04-11 10:05, mlan
Saying 'no' to animal homelessness fot. Saying 'no' to animal homelessness

Another campaign involving the free process of cat and dog micro-chipping, sterilisation, and castration, has already begun. The residents may bring their animals for the procedures to 29 veterinary points. The campaign will continue till 13 December.

As we care about animals, we have decided to continue the programme of combatting cats’ and dogs' homelessness. Every Varsovian who provides his/her dog and cat with a microchip will enjoy greater certainty that the animal will not get lost. Therefore, we are encouraging residents to benefit from this free-of-charge animal micro-chipping campaign”, said Justyna Glusman, Coordinating Manager for Sustainable Development and Greenery in Warsaw. “Our activities have already brought tangible benefits - in the 'Na Paluchu' Animal Shelter, the number of dogs and cats has never been so low.ˮ

The residents may also have their cats and dogs undergone free-of-charge sterilisation or castration procedures, including postoperative care, check-ups and surgical suture removal. During the first visit, the animal's owner has to show an ID card, the Varsovian Card with a valid e-hologram, the animal's health records including rabies vaccine confirmation, and the microchip number. To undergo the procedure, the pet must be at least 6 months old.

The micro-chipping process lasts only a few seconds. The vet performs the subcutaneous implantation of a microprocessor of a size similar to a grain of rice. The microchip does not disturb the animal's daily living, nor does it cause any allergic reaction. The pet's owner is requested to fill in the appropriate form, and to show his/her ID card and the animal's health records. To undergo the procedure, the cat or dog must be at least 12 weeks old, and must have been vaccinated against rabies. The address data are entered on the SAFE-ANIMAL international database. In the previous year alone, during the free micro-chipping campaign, we performed the procedure on 4,200 pets.

Preventing animal homelessness
Warsaw has launched a new homeless animal care programme. Along with free treatment in selected veterinary clinics, the City provides round-the-clock veterinary care to animals injured in road accidents.

We have secured the necessary funds for the activities of Municipal Guards eco-patrols aimed at saving the cats and dogs which have been left on streets with no care. We also conduct educational workshops at the "Ochota na kota" (“Craving for the cat”) education and information point, and at the Warsaw animal shelter. We teach children and adults to take care of their pets, and remind them that adopting an animal implies a big responsibility explained Justyna Glusman, Coordinating Manager for Sustainable Development and Greenery in Warsaw.
In addition, financial resources are also provided to animal organisations. As in the previous year, individual districts receive food for the stray cats which help to eliminate rodents. To implement this year's programme, the City is planning to spend PLN 14.9 million.