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Polish-German cooperation in education – a memorandum

published: 2019-11-05 14:28, mlan
Polish-German cooperation in education – a memorandum fot. Polish-German cooperation in education – a memorandum

Warsaw and Berlin will strengthen cooperation in the field of education. On Tuesday, 29 October, a Memorandum was signed on the participation of Warsaw’s schools in the Polish-German cooperation in the area of school education in the years 2019-2021.

The memorandum will be implemented as part of the Agreement of 12 August 1991 on friendship and cooperation and the Framework Agreement of 7 January 1994 on cooperation between Warsaw and Berlin.

The partner cities expressed their intent to develop the skills of teachers and learners in the field of language learning, to support learner and teacher mobility, and to enable them to gather new educational, social, cultural and intercultural experiences abroad. The memorandum is also expected to contribute to the unification of educational systems and to develop Europe as a knowledge-based society in line with the EU Lisbon Strategy.

The memorandum provides for the strengthening of support for bi- and multilateral educational projects. Also, more support will be provided for projects involving exchanges and visits to partner countries in order to allow teachers and learners to speak the foreign language in real-life situations. To this end, close cooperation will be maintained with the German-Polish Youth Office (Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk), and exchange programmes will be carried out, including as part of the Erasmus+ programme.
Measures will be taken for a more extensive use of modern means of communication for educational purposes, making it possible to develop and enrich interschool exchange programmes.

The activities planned for the nearest future include a visit of headteachers and teachers of Warsaw’s sports secondary schools to a sports conference in Berlin. The goal of the trip to Berlin for the ENOSS Conference on 6-8 November is to build a network of sports schools from the whole of Europe.
In turn, teachers from Berlin are going to visit Warsaw’s secondary schools, see the Copernicus Science Centre, and attend a lecture organised by the Warsaw Centre for Educational and Social Innovation and Training entitled „Interactive lecture in English on intercultural aspects of the Polish-German cooperation in the field of education”).

Furthermore, on 4-6 December a group of teachers from four Warsaw’s general secondary schools will participate in a job shadowing event in Berlin schools. The Polish and German teachers will exchange experience on various teaching techniques. Also, students from Warsaw’s schools will go on a trip to Berlin next spring.