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Plant “A Million Trees” with us!

published: 2017-03-24 14:32, mlan
A Million Trees for Warsaw. Fot. E.Lach fot. A Million Trees for Warsaw. Fot. E.Lach

Download the “Milion drzew” (A Million Trees) mobile app and “switch on” your tree! We are providing Warsaw residents with a tool which will make the capital city green. The autumn plantings will be carried out on the basis of residents’ suggestions.

We would like to invite the residents to take a tour of Warsaw. While walking, the residents have the opportunity to take a closer look at places where there is an insufficient number of trees and where new ones should be planted. It is valuable information to us,” says Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “Warsaw residents will be able to express their opinion via a mobile app called “Milion drzew”. The name of the app refers to the goal we have set. It is a huge challenge and therefore we would like to engage our residents in the action,” he adds.

“Switch on” your tree
All you need to join the action is the “Milion drzew” app. It is available for download on Google Play (for the Android system) and it will also be available on App Store (iOS) soon. To point to places where new a planting should be made, you should go to the location where you would like a new tree to grow. Choose the “Submit” Option, and file an application providing your contact details and… that's all!

If there are no obstacles to the planting, your submission will be accepted, and the app will display the appropriate notice. A confirmation will be also sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone.

If we are not able to accept your application, you will be informed of the reasons via the app. There might be numerous reasons. There are several factors to be considered while the planting is planned. These are, i.a. railroad or flood embankment protection zones, the ownership of the area, the underground infrastructure, street lamps, and zoning plans.

“If a tree planting is not possible, do not get discouraged. Look for another location nearby,” urges Renata Kuryłowicz, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Warsaw for Urban Greenery. “We are planning