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Nursery places for more children – a competition for entrepreneurs

published: 2019-04-11 09:56, mlan
Nursery places for more children – a competition for entrepreneurs fot. Nursery places for more children – a competition for entrepreneurs

This year, in order to increase the capacity of Warsaw's nurseries, available free of charge, the City will be financing more places in facilities run by private entities. With a view to securing several thousand places for 2019-2022, the Mayor of Warsaw has announced an open competition. This marks a subsequent implementation stage of the “Warsaw for the Youngest programme”.

Nursery places for more children

“Currently, there are around 16,000 places available in municipal and private nurseries, and we wish to increase this number by at least 11,000 during this term of office. This should satisfy the present needs, assuming that – similar to the countries with the largest number of nurseries – two-thirds of parents will send their children to such facilities,” said Paweł Rabiej, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.
For this reason, the Warsaw authorities are planning to build 38 nurseries, along with covering the cost of places in facilities run by private entities, which will be provided for the youngest residents free of charge. Let us remind ourselves that, starting from September 2019, all places in public nurseries and day-care facilities will be provided free. A resolution to this end was adopted by the Warsaw councillors in February 2019. Places in non-public facilities (nurseries, kids’ clubs, and day-care centres) adhering to municipal nursery standards, which will be secured by the City by way of a competition, will also be available from September 2019. As in the case of public nurseries and public day-care centres, parents will not pay for their services.

A competition for entrepreneurs has been launched

On 3 April we met over 150 entrepreneurs running nursery facilities in Warsaw. They are very much interested in participating in the competition and creating additional nursery places, which we were very happy to hear,” said Paweł Rabiej.

Only those entities which have already been registered as nurseries, kids’ clubs, or day carers, or which will have been listed by 10 May 2019 in the register of nurseries and kids’ clubs kept by the Mayor of Warsaw, or in the register of day carers kept by the Mayor of Warsaw, are allowed to participate in the competition. Several competitions of this kind will be conducted later this year to give enterprises a chance to prepare for them, e.g., to extend their activities by establishing new branches.

Participation requirements

A facility seeking to obtain co-funding must indicate the number of all the free places it has at its disposal on the day of entering the competition. Proposals submitted by Warsaw entities will be taken into consideration provided they satisfy the following requirements.

•    Providing satisfactory premises and care services enabling parents to work full time
•    Administering care to various age groups
•    Hiring qualified and experienced staff
•    Organising a range of activities for children
•    Not using co-funding from other sources as of the date of the contract conclusion.

Enterprises may submit their proposals up to 15 May 2019. The City is planning to spend PLN 252,000,000 on this purpose.