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The new “Park & Ride” facilities of Greater Warsaw

published: 2019-10-11 12:45, mlan
The new “Park & Ride” facilities of Greater Warsaw fot. The new “Park & Ride” facilities of Greater Warsaw

Thanks to EU funding, Greater Warsaw is to gain further 19 P&R facilities. As a result, more than 1400 parking places for cars and 850 parking spots for bicycles will be created. A new “Park & Ride” facility will be opened near the Warszawa Jeziorki railway station.

The Warszawa Jeziorki P&R facility has been selected to receive funding under the Integrated Territorial Investments for the Warsaw Functional Area included in the 2014-2020 Mazowieckie Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme. The total amount of subsidy for the construction of 19 new P&R facilities will exceed PLN 41 million. In addition to Warsaw, new “Park & Ride” facilities will be opened in Błonie, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jabłonna, Michałowice, Milanówek, Piaseczno, Piastów, Pruszków, Radzymin, Sulejówek, Wieliszew, Wołomin, and Żyrardów.

The facility in Warsaw will be located near the railway line leading to Radom, at the Warszawa Jeziorki railway station, near Karczunkowska Street. The facility will have at least 138 parking places for cars (including six for the disabled) and no less than 40 parking spots for bicycles. It will also be equipped with two charging stations for electric vehicles.

The EU support granted is the next stage in the development of a network of this type of car parks. So far, three calls for proposals for EU funding for the construction of P+R facilities have been carried out, which involve the construction of new, or the redevelopment of existing, facilities. As a result, more than 6200 parking places for cars and nearly 2900 parking spots for bicycles will be created. The total EU support for these projects is to amount to nearly PLN 134.2 million.

Local governments involved in the development of Greater Warsaw conduct activities aimed at improving the living conditions and quality of life of its residents through the implementation of projects aimed at, among other things, reducing the level of pollutant emissions and transport hindrances. The construction of P&R facilities is an element in the implementation of these goals. The network of car parks serves in particular the residents of the Greater Warsaw municipalities in their daily commuting, by encouraging them to travel by public transport.