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New benches for Varsovians

published: 2018-06-21 12:31, mlan
New benches for Varsovians fot. New benches for Varsovians

Varsovians have selected the design for new city benches. The Warsaw Greenery Management has just signed an agreement with a contractor which will install at least 600 pieces of such furniture by 2020. The residents can, however, still make their remarks about the prototypes which will soon appear in the city space.

“When selecting new city benches, we took into account Varsovians’ opinions. They helped us pick one of the four proposed designs. We are still waiting for residents’ feedback on places in which such new benches are needed,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Investim S.A, the winner of the proceedings, will deliver 600 new metal and wood pieces of street furniture in three types: without the backrest, with the backrest and without armrests, and with the backrest and armrests. The contract includes the option of ordering 700 more. Now, the new furniture is in the prototype stage. A workshop meeting devoted to this issue took place on Tuesday, 12 June, during which the most comfortable bench profiles were sought together with representatives of Warsaw Senior Councils. Individual pre-production units will soon appear in the city. They will be installed in Warsaw’s most busy places. The residents will have an opportunity to make their remarks for some time before the final shape of the furniture is decided.

The new street furniture will be standardised, which does not mean, however, that it will be always the same. In the case of areas which require individual designs, new variants of benches will be created.

The new city benches will not replace all the present seats in Warsaw overnight. They will appear gradually; however, existing furniture which is in a good condition will not be quickly replaced.